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Fanny Meza

I learned about the 4Life opportunity and 4Life Transfer Factor® products at a critical point in my life. I had failed to achieve my dreams. My employment was in jeopardy because my business was failing. I was haunted by debt. And my health was beginning to suffer.

I fondly remember the evening my sister Cecilia introduced me to this great opportunity. She saw my desire to have a successful and healthy life and knew I would keep fighting for my dreams. I joined 4Life with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish. I gave this project 100% of my passion, determination, and love. As a result, I was able to pay my debts, receive the valuable health support I needed, and recover my self-esteem.

Today, I have time to enjoy my greatest treasure, my family. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to share 4Life products. I’m thankful to my team members for motivating me. I’m also thankful to Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee and Platinum International Diamond Dr. Herminio Nevárez for being bright lights in the world. They have inspired me to never give up and to make my dreams come true with 4Life.